Diploma project: High Resolution Electrocardiogramm Processing

ECG recordingMy diploma project is written about electrocardiogram (ECG) processing. It is focused on PQRST complex wave bounds and peaks detection with high resolution. This resolution is achieved by averaging of multiple heart complexes aligned by R-peak. Wave dimensions obtained from this averaged complex are much more informative than single complex ones. This information is useful in cardiac hypertrophy diagnostics. The real customer (don’t confuse with university professor) was PhD in medicine. He used (and uses now) my software for sport cardiology research.

This software consists of two programs: patient database and ECG processing module. The first one is just two-table database. It makes ECG records managing easier, allowing to group them by patient and store some additional record-related data.

EKG characteristic point editingThe main part of this software, of course, is ECG processing module. It can be run separately or from the database module.

It’s key features are:

  • 12-lead and Frank ECG recording
  • Automatic R peak (aka heart bit) detection using Pan-Tompkins algorithm (J. Pan and W.T. Tompkins. A Real-Time QRS Detection Algorithm. IEEE Trans. Biomed.vol 32, pp.230-236,1985)
  • Averaging of multiple ECG complex
  • PQRST complex wave bounds and peak detection
  • Manual editing of the wave points position
  • Tape zoom and pan, single tape or rect-per-lead display mode

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